Exit Strategy

One of the hardest decisions as a business owner is to leave a business in which you have invested your money, time and effort.


Having a clear strategy and realistic action plan can make the process of exiting a business much easier. At Kidwells Business we have helped many business owners develop possible exit strategies. Our team can assist you with planning an exit strategy which can be implemented at a later stage.

Selling your business

These days, the most popular way to exit a business is to sell it and our specialists can help you manage the entire process. From valuing and preparing the business for sale to finding suitable purchasers, our expertise in business ensures that our clients :

  • realise the full value of their company;
  • understand the steps that need to be taken to reach business’s goals;
  • improve your business’s performance.

Tax planning

If you’re planning to sell your business in the future, both a sole-trader and a limited company needs to be prepared for the legal tax implications and this is where our experts can help you to plan the disposal and advise you about tax liabilities.

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