Since we founded Kidwells in 2009, we have carried out dozens of successful projects. Our analysis and innovative strategies have helped many businesses to overcome problems and barriers which ultimately all led to success.

After the realisation that nobody else is offering the broad spectrum of services under one roof, we decided to take a step forward.

We joined our professionals together, combined the departments from each of the companies and created a UK based brand that focuses on all aspects of starting, running, helping and expanding businesses. Today, we are extremely glad to introduce to you a new addition to the Kidwells Group – Kidwells Business.

What we do

At Kidwells Business we deal with the entire business needs in one company with access to every level of professional within our own group of companies. Our main areas of expertise include:

Offering a free business advice

Unlike many businesses, we realise the importance of understanding your current situation. This is why we are always here to listen and support you. If you’re a new start-up, a business in trouble or look to expand your business, call us on 07773 283 323 for a no obligation chat and a free business advice consultation. We are available 24 hours a day.

In our team, we have a handful of experts who have extensive current personal business success and can understand the different issues that relate to business.

About our business experts

Michael Horne - Founder of Kidwells

About Michael Horne
I grew up in the busy world of a family business, cutting my teeth very early on with understanding money and its value. I made my mistakes at a young age but my parents put me on the right track. This is when I got an education in business that most people do not.

I of course had my own paper round at about 12 years of age. Following on from the family business cars and engines with sales as my staple diet – I became a mechanical RTITB engineer after an indentured apprenticeship.

In my teens I started a transport business of small vans. At 21, I turned my skills to heavy haulage. I won contracts delivering goods such as whisky, tobacco, computers and many other high value items abroad. Then I sold that business at the age of 24. This however, was not the only business I was running at that time. At the same time as dealing with the transport, I purchased houses and built a substantial portfolio which, I have continued to expand throughout my life leading me to commercial buildings and land banking.

I am a solicitor coming to law later in life, simply because I could not find solicitors that could follow a decent business plan let alone draft one. No wonder there has been a massive decline in solicitors practices over the last 8 years!

I’m also a pilot of rotary and fixed aircraft, a qualified cat8 free fall skydiver and a yachtmaster ocean and have sailed the Atlantic.

I have a group of companies that guarantee full support for the people we look after. From within my group of companies we can call on business advisers, accountants, solicitors, barristers, marketing experts, loan company. Nowhere can you find a team all under the same group which guarantees excellent service.

I am no stranger to storms in life as on the ocean and my skills and experience have always demonstrated that a calm head with good planning and decent support always sees the day end well.

When the chips are down, you do not have a second shot. We are here for you, skilled and able to deliver and that is exactly what we do.

Rebecca Hardy - Practice Director at Kidwells Solicitors

About Rebecca Hardy 

Whilst my legal expertise lie within the Commercial sector, in March 2015 I took on the overall responsibility for the Firm as a Practice Director, managing all operations, SRA & Lexcel compliance and business development.I am an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives specialising in Employment Law.

I manage a range of Employment cases, predominantly Respondent, from initial conference stage through to Substantive Hearing to include:

• Unfair and Constructive Dismissal
• Wrongful Dismissal
• All forms of Discrimination
• Protected Disclosure

In conjunction with the above I manage settlement negotiations through Mediation, ACAS and directly with Legal Representatives.

Further to my involvement with Employment Litigation, I also offer retained HR Advice to businesses assisting them with drafting and implementing:

• Contracts of Employment
• Company Policies and Handbooks
• Compromise Agreements
• Grievance Procedures
• ACAS Code of Practice

I’m responsible for building and heading up an entirely new Client HR Department which includes supporting businesses with the following:

• Employment Law Health Check
• Retained HR advice
• On-site HR conducting Disciplinaries, Grievances, Appeals, Redundancy & TUPE Consultations
• Policy, Procedure and Contract drafting
• Employment Tribunal preparation and representation

Anna Cooperwhite - Managing Director at Kidwells Whittakers

About Anna Cooperwhite
I created Whittakers & Co and became a specialist in non residency tax advice for ex forces working in the private security sector. Since then the company has grown to assist a large number of clients working in various industries.

I am proud to have joined the Kidwells group of companies to offer services to UK businesses including sole traders, partnerships both in business and professionals and companies also.

Working within this group we guarantee the clients joined up professional service that understands excellence is the call to action.

Dr Ian M. Harris - Business Consultant

About Dr Ian M. Harris
I’m a Global Chemicals Executive with 26 years of experience across many functions and working from all 3 major industrial geographies. Having travelled and run a variety of businesses all around the world, I decided to come back to my home town and focus on using my own experience to help others.

My area of expertise includes:

• Providing advice on Speciality Chemical businesses to investment analyst firms

• Coaching and mentoring the individual CEO/MD’s to achieve business and personal growth.

• Leading turnaround of businesses worldwide from cash losses back to profitability, involving engagement across multiple functions

• Leading a peer-group of high-quality local business leaders

Dr Neil Williams - IT Governance & Management

About Dr Neil Williams 
I am an expert in IT governance and management. I work with clients ranging from micro-businesses to large blue chips in a variety of markets. Much of my recent experience has been in the highly regulated utilities sector.

I grew up in the early days of personal computing, balanced being a geek with some youthful entrepreneurial activities and competing in sports at a serious level. I never let school get in the way of my education. Following on from my passion for computing, I became a technician engineer through an EITB certified apprenticeship with Philips Electronics.

I went to University later than most but made the most of it. As well as earning First Class Honours and a PhD from the Department of Computing & Electrical Engineering, I more than carried my 110 kg of weight on and off the basketball courts.

I have experience in a range of business situations which means I am no stranger to roller coaster rides from accelerating growth in unicorn startups to sustaining success in large corporates. I now have more than 30 years knowledge and experience of assessing and implementing software, hardware, applications, databases and networks.

At Kidwells Business, I work with my colleagues to gain an understanding of the underlying needs of our clients. I then use my engineering nous to map out and deliver cost-effective and practical solutions.

Building on my experience from long-term IT leadership assignments with Ovo and Good Energy, I provide a range of IT management and IT governance services to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

My clients come to me for solutions around:

• Digital Transformation
• Databases & Applications
• Websites, Mobile and Tablets
• Unified Communications
• Buy or Build Decisions
• Data Architecture & Retention Policy
• InfoSec (Pen-Test, GDPR etc)
• Infrastructure & Service Desk
• For organisations without an IT Director, I provide fractional CIO services. In these cases, my clients enjoy the benefit of first-class IT governance and management without the overhead of employing a full-time member of staff. Clients with in-house IT capability, leverage my advisory, interim management and project services on an as-needed basis.

I firmly believe that the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. This is not a rehearsal, we can’t put life in reverse. I am skilled, willing and able to deliver. I am proud to be part of Kidwells Business.

How can you help my business?

We provide the highest quality business advice from people who have extensive current personal business success and can understand the different issues that relate to business.

Our ambition for your business has always been to make strong decisions with confidence and efficiency and, as a team, we can work together and focus on your long term successes.

At Kidwells Business, we

  • identify the problem, its weaknesses and vulnerabilities. With this knowledge, we create or adapt solutions that eliminate threats or organisational gaps.
  • have access to Kidwells Solicitors, Kidwells Legal Loans, Kidwells 360 Marketing and Website Designers, Kidwells Barristers’ Chambers and Kidwells Whittakers Accountants.
  • have good relationships with high street banks and a strong understanding of their requirements.
  • can help you manage your business assets and your personal finance providing you with more trading confidence.
  • can support you with financial understanding, predicting turnover, cash flow and planning through crisis.
  • have in-house specialists who can help you with every aspect of the business and tailor a specific service or a package to whatever your needs might be.

Contact us

Contact us to learn about how our services can increase the value of your business and solve any problems you might be facing.

If you think that you or anyone you know could benefit from our services, we would be pleased to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to call us at 07773 283 323 .  We are available to help you 24h a day, 7 days a week.

Want to join us?

Even though we might not currently have a job available that’s suitable for you, we’re always happy to hear from you if you feel you have the talent and ambition to enhance our successful team. Please send your CV and covering letter to, explaining how your skills and experiences could benefit our team and our clients.


Need business help?

Contact us to learn about how our services can increase the value of your business and solve any problems you might be facing. We are available to assist you 24h a day, 7 days a week.

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