How to start marketing your business?

Defining your customer ​and understanding the benefits

The first and the most important question you should ask yourself is – Who is the person who would most likely buy my product or pay for my service? This type of information will help you to decide how and where you should or should not promote what your business has to offer. You can narrow it down by answering questions such as:

1. How old are they?
2. Are they male or female?
3. Are they an individual or a business?
4. What interests do they have?
5. Where are they likely to look for what I offer?

Many businesses fail because they overlook the importance of identifying what their “perfect customer” would be and what benefits they can offer them. A common mistake for a new enterprise is to start screaming out loud about their services/products wherever possible, hoping that they will be noticed. This can be very time-consuming and the chances of seeing that work are very low. The truth is that in most cases it’s the business’s job to put themselves in front of the right people. Have a think about what kind of problem your product or service can solve. What are the results or outcomes that your customers will enjoy from you that they will not enjoy if they purchase from your competitor? If you identify your target market correctly, the benefits and your unique selling point, those people will come to you and pay you to solve their problem.

Social Media

Social Media fits perfectly into marketing a business.There are many ways in which you can put your product or business in front of people. The best part about it is that, in most cases. they’re all free. By using social media, you can reach and build relationships with people all over the world. So how do you do it?

1. To get started, choose a channel you want to use to promote your business. For example Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
2. Ask yourself a simple question – Who are you targeting? Is your product specific? Does it have age restrictions?
3. What is your goal? Is it sales? Cost saving? Promoting?
4. What kind of posts are you going to share with your followers? Video? Text? Photos?
5. Why should they use your business instead of buying from your competitors?
6. Think of the structure – what does a general post look like?
7. What tone are you going to be using? – Formal? Informal? Playful? Sarcastic?
8 .How will this particular social media platform work or link to your other platforms?

What to post on social media?

People often make the assumption that, as a business, all they can and should talk about on social media is their own services. It seems very logical, but no matter what product or service you offer, people tend to steer more towards brands that they can relate to. If your business communications are honest, warm, authentic and have character, then your audience will be more likely to build a close and harmonious relationship with you. This is why creating original and engaging content is the key to creating a loyal audience. But what else can you talk about? Imagine that you sell shoes. You have your page on Facebook where you post updates about your products and just shoes in general. It’s great that you post content that relates to your business but do your followers really want to be bombarded with information, photos, statistics and videos about shoes? The answer is no, they don’t. There are plenty of different things that you could talk about
that will still involve the products. What about fashion? You could post photos of how you style your shoes and how they can be worn and mixed with current trends. It’s always great to support other relevant businesses by including their products/services in your marketing. By doing so, your posts could reach the audience of whatever company you mention or collaborate with.

How do I get people to follow my business on social media?

These days to succeed on the Internet, you have to create content that your target audience will want to engage with. If you are a new brand or a small business who is only just starting on social
media, you should spend more time developing an audience than creating your content.This means that at the beginning, the quality is more valuable than the quantity. To get noticed by“the right people”, find a similar business to yours and then dig into their list of followers and simply follow them. It is a great way of finding people who might be interested in your products or services. With better content, you’ll earn higher conversion rates than your competitors, and the audience will be more loyal to your brand.

Reach more people with hashtags

If a hashtag (#) relates to your target audience or can help you reach your target audience, include it in your post. By using the most popular hashtags, you will get more chances of people looking
them up and searching for them. There is a variety of free websites that allow you to look up what’s currently trending. Try .

Make use of bloggers and influencers with a larger following

Influencers are a great way of putting your business in front of a large audience. You can contact them directly through their social media platform or send them an email offering one of your products or a service in exchange for a blog post review or a post on social media. Offering them a personalised discount code can tempt their own audience to make a purchase.

How can you help me?

If you don’t think you have the time or the knowledge to market your business, speak to us. Our marketing team at Kidwells have years of expertise in running marketing and coaching a variety of businesses. If you have any questions or feel like you need an assistance, call us now on 07773 283 323 for free no obligation business advice and speak to one of our specialists.

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